Dr. Amy Kelchner, ND

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“Dr. Amy is an expert at identifying what I need to gain and get better health. Thank you for your healing advice.” – E.M.

Dr. Amy Kelchner is a naturopathic physician, craniosacral therapist, and soul advocate with over twenty years of experience in the healthcare field.  She had a naturopathic family practice in northern California for the past decade and is delighted to come back home to Portland and join her good friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Dickinson at the Amber Wellness Group.

As a family doctor, she offers consultations and exams during times of sickness and health.  She works with acute and chronic symptoms in both children and adults, dealing with physical, mental/emotional, and behavioral concerns through herbal and supplement prescriptions, nutrition, homeopathy, and craniosacral therapy. She loves to do vaccine consultations to help parents make these difficult and important decisions.  Passionate about her work with children, she knows it can make a lifetime of difference. She often works with people who are experiencing fatigue, difficulty managing stress, chronic pain, or headaches. She works with all manner of diagnoses, and mostly, she works with people.

Since physical ailments are often messages from the soul, Dr. Amy is passionate about helping people get to that deeper place.  As a soul advocate, she encourages people to find their own path to healing.  As an energy worker, she does hands on therapy using craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and reiki integrated with active imagination and shamanic journeying in order to activate a person’s natural healing process and access deeper levels of healing. Healing the soul brings balance to thoughts, harmony to feelings and restoration to the body’s health.  Shamanic healing is an ancient, cross cultural practice that works to restore balance and wholeness by addressing spiritual imbalance, accessing personal guides and angels, and restoring parts of ourselves lost during past traumas.  Reiki is a healing technique that activates healing and restores well-being.  Craniosacral therapy is intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle manipulations of the skull and spine harmonized with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system.  Visceral manipulation restores movement and health to the internal organs.  The combination of these techniques creates a powerful, integrated healing session that has the potential to activate the healing power within, and bring a person fully back to themselves.

One of the most important things I’ve gained over the years is the profound understanding that healing happens within.  It is not something I do to someone else.  My job is to work with each person to devise a plan that will help relieve them of their suffering, so they can bring their greatest potential into this world.  I want to help remove the obstacles that make people sick.  Sometimes the obstacles are emotional or spiritual, sometimes they are dietary or structural.  Other times they are environmental or habitual.  Often they are complex.  Whether working with children or adults, I strive to stay present to each person’s potential and in search of the tools that will help get them there. 

My goal for each person is to build abundant resilience and a strong internal environment.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  When we develop resilience, we can maintain balance even in the face of discord.  When we nurture the internal environment instead of suppressing symptoms, the body learns to manage illness and handle stressors. This is how we build skills and are better able to handle the next virus, toxin, or stressful situation that comes along.

I consider life an ongoing discovery, and am profoundly devoted to the beautiful, messy process.  My work is in service to human evolution and deeply dedicated to the living earth. 


 Dr. Amy treats my family with care and respect. My children love to go see her. They know that they are active participants in the care of their bodies. It is very empowering and they are learning they are responsible for their health. I am really glad to have Dr. Amy in our community.” – K. M.

 I’ve learned more about how to support my body’s ability to maintain its healthy state from Dr. Kelchner since becoming a patient than I ever had before.  I appreciate that she and my other health care practitioners communicate” –J.W.

“Dr. Amy, you’re the best doctor ever!” – S.M., 3 years old.

 “My experience with Dr. Kelchner has been nothing short of life changing. My history is complicated and now I’m suffering from too much MRSA, adrenal fatigue, eczema, and anxiety to name a few of my problems. I have seen many doctors and most of them “scratch the surface” of my problems and just prescribe antibiotics and steroids. This, in the long run, has destroyed my immunity. Instead of perpetuating/creating problems, Dr. Kelchner took the time and effort to sit down with me and talk about my history and symptoms, which allowed her to uncover the root cause(s) of my problems. Instead of hurting my body, she is helping me heal from the inside-out, literally. Because I’m armed with amazing natural medicines and Dr. Kelchner’s knowledge, I am now feeling better than ever. Under her guidance, I know I will reach a level of wellness that I previously thought impossible. I believe in earthly angels, Dr. Kelchner is definitely one of them! Thank you, Dr. Kelchner! Thank you for helping me save my life and guide me down the path of wellness!” – L.O.

“I have RA, an autoimmune disease. When I first came to see Dr. Amy in September of 2010, I was having to use crutches to walk and was constantly feeling sick and tired. Through regular visits and the Elimination Challenge diet I was able to walk without crutches and began to have more energy. With vitamins, herbs, and my daily diet, I am now able to live a fulfilling life again. Seeing these doctors has been a life saver. I truly believe in Naturopathic Doctors.” – L.S.

“My children like going to the doctor now” –P.S.