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2018 New Years Purification Cleanse

Happy New Year from Amber Wellness Group! We are looking forward to supporting you in health and wellness in 2018! Join us in doing a purification cleanse to start off the New Year! This year Amber Wellness Group is offering

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Have you ever wondered what SIBO stands for?

SIBO is short for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Just like it sounds, when bacteria overgrowth in the small intestines occurs, you can have undesirable digestive symptoms. Some of the symptoms that people with SIBO experience are gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea,

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A New Look at Anxiety

As we move through the holiday season and head into the new year, we can look back and reflect on our emotions.  Many of our emotions are joyful and help to make the holidays celebratory, yet many people experience a

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Cold and Flu Prevention and Information Talk

Dr. Meghan will be hosting a cold and flu prevention talk.  She will also address common concerns regarding the flu vaccine and help you make a decision for yourself if it would benefit you this season.  Please call Erin for

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Cold and Flu Prevention

It is officially Autumn, and with this shift in seasons and weather, comes an increase in susceptibility to the common cold and flu viruses. The doctors at Amber Wellness Group are here to help you survive and thrive through this

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Botanical Health and Women’s Medicine Series

Dr. Meghan Bennett is leading a Women’s health and botanical medicine series.  Please call Erin with your interest and availability.

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The Dreaded Inflammation

Inflammation is a bit of a big term. It is often blamed as the culprit or a contributor to many modern ailments. Inflammation is a reactionary component of the immune system that the body employs to protect itself. There are

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Text Message Alerts

Text Message Alerts are now available for Appointment Reminders.  You can opt in on schedulicty or let Erin know and she will opt in for you.  It’s a great way to get a 24 hour reminder on your phone.

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Stop The Leak

Many women experience incontinence or involuntary loss of urine. There are several types of incontinence and many reasons for having incontinence. Regardless of the specifics, it can be a huge inconvenience and an embarrassing topic to bring up with your

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Facebook Live

Our Facebook page is now live, with new updates, health content and information with links to health and wellness articles.  Please like us on Facebook today.

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