Dr. Lisa Dickinson, ND

Dr. Lisa Dickinson, ND, is a fifth generation Portlander and the Founder/Chief Medical Officer of Amber Wellness Group, LLC.

Years of working outside with children with disabilities at the Kiwanis Camp, and then within Multnomah County’s Outdoor School, were early influences in her life. Through these experiences she observed the connection between diet, the environment and wellness. In 1996, Dr. Dickinson decided to become a physician to support the health of her community. In 2003, she graduated from Portland’s National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) with a focus on women’s health, midwifery and primary care.

After graduating, Dr. Dickinson completed a residency in family practice and women’s health and developed additional specialties in pelvic floor physical therapy, fertility, and integrative cancer care. She was certified in environmental medicine in 2012, having been trained to look at disease not only with the tools medical school provided her but now through the lens of how our environment, genetics and the newly discovered and evolving world of epigenetics plays on our health.

Dr. Dickinson is the mother of two active sons and, together, they enjoy being outside, playing soccer and cooking together.  She’s also an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves telemark skiing, playing soccer and spending time laughing with her children and friends.   Mindfulness and meditation are core practices in her life.

For an appointment with Dr. Lisa Dickinson, you may schedule online or call 971-319-0045.