Prior to your visit, you will complete—and then bring with you to your first appointment—several forms

Once you schedule, we will send these required forms to you via email, or you may download selected forms (below) and get started.

Insurance Verification Form
The insurance verification form (which you may download here) is the form you will you use to make sure you collect needed information when you call your provider to verify your insurance coverage (e.g. providers and services that are covered in and out of network, deductibles, number of visit limitations, etc.).    Please bring this completed form to your first appointment.

Patient Intake Form
The patient intake form (which you may download here) helps you to provide us with contact information as well as your current and historical general health and wellness.  It gives us a broad overview and a starting point for getting to know you and your health care needs.   Please bring this completed form to your first appointment.


Consent Forms
When you schedule, the following consent forms will be sent to you via email.  You will complete and bring them with you to your first appointment:

COVID-19 Update

We are open and offering telemedicine visits for our current patients and new patients alike. We are here to support all of your healthcare and wellness goals during this time.

Insurance is reimbursing as if you were in the office. Please call Michelle to schedule or click here.

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