Here at Amber Wellness Group, we are thankful each day for our families, friendships and all of you who make Amber Wellness Group a wonderful place to come to work each day!

We wanted to share with you a few health & wellness benefits of Thankfulness.

  • Helps us better manage stress and lower BP. Feelings of thankfulness have tremendous positive value in helping people cope with daily problems, especially stress.
  • It makes you happier and more optimistic: a characteristic that boosts the immune system.
  • Being thankful contributes to feeling over all better. It is relaxing and can make your laugh or smile or even cry- the good happy cry.
  • Gratitude improves relationships. When we are personally appreciated from anyone- in any way; it positively impacts us- it gives us that GOOD feeling.
  • Gratitude improves problem solving skills and helps us learn.
  • Being grateful for our situation and our life – even if we don’t like everything about it – allows us to be thankful for the opportunity to learn something new.

One thing we can do each morning is write down 5 things that we are thankful for, when doing this it can uplift your mood and help your day get started in a positive way.

We so enjoy sharing the gift of health and wellness and we hope that wherever you are on this holiday weekend, know that we are thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Lisa, Dr. Amy, Erin and Markita

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