Healing from the Inside Out – A story of transformation

I’d like to share an inspiring story from one of my patients who came to see me for chronic pain and depression.  She recently wrote this testimonial for me:
“Before starting craniosacral therapy with Amy Kelchner five months ago, my Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and PTSD had taken over my life. I was full of constant severe pain, anxiety, and depression. Through her healing touch and our vision work, I have gotten my confidence and vitality back. I am able to take on life and its challenges without burying my head in the sand first.
Years of illness and abuse had taken away not only my ability to work and participate fully in life, but my will to live, as well. In the past five short months, I have regained my will to survive; I have confidence in my abilities; my stamina has increased; and I have left my cane behind. Walking and moving have become more like a passion than a chore, more like the old me, and I am excited to see how much farther therapy can take me.
Although my pain continues (at a lower level), I know now that I can survive it. I have hope and I believe I can, one day, conquer my pain and illness.
Amy’s gentle, knowing ways have played a large part in my healing journey, and although I pray daily for the miracle of an instant release from my pain, I know my journey has been swifter than I ever dared dream possible. I am more centered, more present, and more comfortable in my own body than I have ever been in my 48 years. I am overcoming traumas from my early life, finally letting go of years of the aftereffects of abuse stemming all the way back to childhood and my first marriage.
Thank you, Amy, for improving my life. You have not only helped me grow and survive, but actually start thriving again. Words cannot express how grateful I am for another chance at life.”
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