Environmental Medicine

These days, it’s not uncommon for the toxicities in our environment—at home, at school and at the workplace—to be on the rise.  How we each process these exposures and potentially manifest a disease state, depends upon our own genetics, methylation pathways and ability to detoxify our total body burden.    

Exposures can include heavy metals, water-soluble and/or fat-soluble chemical toxins that may be released into the air, soil and water.  These metals often can show up silently for decades in our food, drink, household products and lifestyle desires before we realize it.

Frequently, it is genetics that determine whether we are going to react to, or be able to detoxify, what we are exposed to on any given day. In combination with all of our stressors, it’s our genetics that determine if how and when a certain illness may take hold.

If you are a patient of Dr. Lisa Dickinson, she will discuss your history and, if necessary, identify potential toxins through lab testing.  Once there is an understanding of any exposures and how your detoxification pathways are functioning, she will create with you an individual treatment plan to address your health needs.

Potential Environmental Wellness Treatments Include:

  • IV therapy chelation
  • Detoxification plans
  • Creating a safe and healthy work and home environment

Environmental Exposure Analysis is offered by Dr. Lisa Dickinson, ND.

You may schedule online or call 971-319-0045.