Women’s Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Choosing a non-hormonal birth control option allows your body to regulate naturally, and it helps us work together to find the root cause of any hormonal imbalances and to regulate your cycle. Removing synthetic hormones from your body may improve or balance your energy.

We offer 2 options for non-hormonal birth control:

  • Paragard IUD – Inserted at the clinic. You will need an up to date PAP test, a vaginal culture and a current pregnancy test.  If you currently have a hormonal (mirena) IUD, we can remove it and replace it with the Paragard IUD on the same day.  
  • FemCap — Requires an up to date PAP test and is sized based upon your pregnancy history.  

Our Women’s Non-Hormonal Birth Control Doctors are:

Dr. Lisa Dickinson, ND
Dr. Meghan Bennett, ND

Appointments may be scheduled online or by calling 971-319-0045.